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Conversation with Xinna June 8, 2008

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Xinna spoke today of the further erosion of the nomadic lifestyle in Southern Mongolia. She reported that Ulaan Chab banner’s nomads have been given an end of June deadline to sell their animals and move out to make way for a mining operation. Nomads are being paid 4 Yuans for 1 mou (0.7 hectare) of land. No provisions being offered for relocation or social services to the affected nomads. Ulaan chab aimag had been converted from an IMAR aimag (banner) to a Chinese ‘city’ administrative unit many years ago, and the decision to remove the nomads is yet another indication of Chinese economic decisions which completely ignore Mongol cultural and economic interests . Reference to a Mr. Zorigt, Khangai gacaa resident to provide greater details. The continuing decline of the economic status of the average Mongol in the IMAR is also seen in the sales decline in Xinna’s shop, signs of a dwindling Mongol clientele. No news since Tsagaan (the Mongolian new year) about Hada.

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