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Uiles (Hada’s son) Statement of July 27, 2008

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Uiles talked about his recent visit with his father on July 14. Prior to obtaining permission to visit his father, Uiles was told by the authorities of new regulations concerning prisoner visits, that any cell phone or camera would not be permitted, and that he should leave such items at the hotel prior to arriving at the prison. When he arrived at the prison, he was throughly searched before being permitted to enter the visitors’ area. The unusual thoroughness of the search was probably related to the heightened security associated with the upcoming Olympics. Uiles found evidence later that his hotel room had been searched while he was visiting his father. Uiles was only allowed a single visit with his father for a duration of only 40 minutes. Although Uiles requested a second meeting, he was told that it would depend on his father’s mental condition, but was later denied a second visit. Regarding Hada’s health, Uiles was told that Hada’s legs and feet were in a great deal of pain and he was having a great deal of difficulty walking. Despite the great deal of pain, Hada is compelled to walk to the prison mess hall if he wants to eat. Hada has sent an appeal to the prison authorities protesting his conditions and treatment. Uiles mentions that Hada was given a medical exam on June 12, to which he was taken in handcuffs and as part of the overall physical examination, given a neurological exam. The results of the medical tests and examination were not provided to Hada or family.

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