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Summary of Uiles’s visit with his father

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Statement taken 4/9/09

Uiles visited his father on March 16, 2009. As usual, when he arrived at the prison, he was made to wait for nearly an hour while prison officials set up their recording equipment. The short amount of time that Uiles is allowed to visit with his father is videotaped and recorded in its entirety. Uiles mentioned that during his conversation with his father, separated by a glass window and speaking through a telephone, whenever he or his father spoke in Mongolian, the telephone connection was terminated, indicating that they could only speak in Chinese. Uiles’ assessment of his father’s condition is that Hada has continued to decline in health, especially his legs. Hada has severe difficulty walking. Uiles also reported that another form of punishment has been meted out against his father. For the past several years, those prisoners who had the ability to pay, a separate kitchen providing better quality food and meals separate from the prison cafeteria has been made available. Hada has been denied access to this service.

Uiles also mentioned that the sweater that Hada was wearing was the very same sweater that he has been wearing, 24 hours a day for more than 13 years, since entering the prison. Uiles observed how worn and tattered it is. Uiles has been denied the right to bring in fresh clothing for his father. No medicines have been allowed. No information has been shared with the family or Hada regarding any medical examination. Uiles mentioned that his father has been assigned 2 new prison cellmates who have been verbally abusive and monitor him around the clock. Uiles worries very much about the mental and physical condition of his father.

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