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Hada’s video statement on lawsuit against the Chinese authorities

Monday, January 5th, 2015

Hada’s video statement on lawsuit against the Chinese authorities
Jan 3, 2015
New York

The following is a video statement by Mr. Hada explaining his intentions for filing a lawsuit against the Chinese authorities for placing him under extrajudicial detention for 4 years after his completion of a 15-year jail term and persecuting his wife Xinna and son Uiles on trumped-up charges (English translation by SMHRIC):

Regarding my next step to filing a legal complaint, let me discuss the following several points:

1. The main focus of my next step toward a legal complaint would include the 4-year extrajudicial detention against me after I completed my 15 years imprisonment and false accusations and groundless charges against my wife and son during this period of time in order to force me to admit to alleged crimes I committed, to give up my beliefs, to obey what the authorities say, and to cooperate with the authorities. This is an illegal scheme plotted with the direct involvements of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Public Security Bureau State Security Department and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Political and Legal Affairs Committee. I intend to file a suit against them.

2. The true nature of the case of our bookstore is that the Inner Mongolia relevant authorities neither allowed Xinna to run the bookstore after falsely accusing and persecuting her, nor allowed my son to continue the business. This is clearly an illegal act. Threatening the basic survival of our family, [the authorities] have continued to further persecute us. When it came to the discussion of reopening the bookstore and the selling of books, they blew hot and cold, intentionally creating obstacles and deliberately giving us a hard time. They have used our basic means to survival as a bargaining chip to blackmail us. What is even more vicious is the persecution of my son by the authorities by depriving him of the right to work and the ability to make a living.

3. Before the release [the authorities] had repeatedly promised that I would be allowed to file a legal complaint. However, they told my wife and son that the legal complaint can only be done inside China, not filed from outside the country. At the same time, they restricted our attorney’s right to go abroad. They also carried out actions of retaliation. In addition to this, [the authorities] also restricted my right to free speech and free expression, warning me about accepting interviews by news media. They continue to threaten us with deprivation of the means to basic survival. As of today, not only have they suspended my living expenses, but also they threaten to freeze my wife’s bank account. Once again, they barred my son from going out to find manual work to make a living. After receiving some interviews, they still have not bought the necessary supplies for me. The State Security authorities talked to my brother yesterday and continued to pressure him to persuade me to give up my beliefs, listen to and cooperate with them. If I do not, the threat of more daily necessities being denied hangs over our head. Before the discharge from the prison, I had myself prepared well for the transition from the “black jail” to this “big prison” of the entire society as whole. The past 10 some days, the reality of things proves that this is indeed so. This has made me even more determined to defend the rights of the three members of our family to access the means to basic survival through legal actions.

Hada, 2014-12-19