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Court Documents Issued by PRC Authorities
Other Documents

Document NameDocument No.Issuance DateNo. of PagesLanguageDocument ContentImages
Indictment of People's Procuratorate of Huhhot CityHu Jian Xing Su Zi (1996) No.97July 30, 19964Title in both Mongolian and Chinese, content in ChineseThe Procuratorate indicted Hada and Tegexi on charges of "Conspiracy of Overthrowing the Government, Splitting the Country, Stealing, Spying Out, and Providing Information for Enemy, Organizing Anti-revolutionary Clique", and "Leaking the State Secret".1, 2, 3, 4
Criminal Verdict of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region Higher People’s Court(1996) Nei Xing Zhong Zi No.547December 26, 19964ChineseContent of this document is similar to the English version of "Huhhot Municipal Intermediate People's Court's verdict on Hada, Tegexi's Trial"

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1, 2, 3, 4
Court Notice of Intermediate People's Court of Huhhot City(1996) Xing Zi No.97March 28, 19971Title in both Mongolian and Chinese, contents in ChineseHada is charged with the "Crime of Splitting the Country and Engaging in Espionage" and sentenced to 15 years in jail. He is currently sent to Jail No. 1.
Date of release: December 10, 2010
Criminal Verdict of Saihan District People's Court in Huhhot City, Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region(2002) Sai Xing Chu Zi No.86April 26, 20022ChineseDefendant Uiles, son of Mr. Hada, is sentenced to 2 years in jail and fined 500 Yuan for the alleged robbery.1, 2

Other Documents

Document Type/NameAuthor(s)Issuance DateNo. of PagesLanguageDocument ContentImages
Petition of AppealXinna on behalf of HadaDecember 14, 19965ChineseXinna states that Hada is not guilty, because:

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1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Letter to Prison OfficialsXinna (wife of Hada)November 17, 19971ChineseUrging the Inner Mongolian prison authorities to grant medical parole to Hada, and punish the inmate who have beaten up him with a bamboo stick. The letter reveals that Hada is in very poor health condition, and always tortured by the inmates.1
Letter to Prison OfficialsXinna (wife of Hada) and Tuyaa (wife of Tegexi)December 10, 19971ChineseUrging the Inner Mongolian prison authorities to grant medical parole to Hada and Tegexi.1
News Report
1997 Annual Lists of Individuals and Groups Winning the First Class Merit of Inner Mongolian Public Security System and the Public Security Minister
Inner Mongolia DailyJanuary 1, 19981Chinese"95.12.10" Special Group of Inner Mongolian Public Security Bureau wins the first class merit for successfully cracking down on the Southern Mongolian Democratic Alliance and arresting Hada, Tegexi, and others on December 10, 1995.1
Letter to Prison OfficialsXinna (wife of Hada)April 22, 19981ChineseUrging the Inner Mongolian prison authorities to grant medical parole to Hada, or at least improve Hada's prison condition.1
ApplicationXinna (wife of Hada) and Uiles (son of Hada)August 27, 19992ChineseXinna and Uiles ask for an approval of peaceful demonstration against the prison guards who have harassed them and neglected their right to visit Hada.1, 2
Application for Hada's Medical ParoleHei-long, Chen-haishan, Togtuunbayar et al. (16 people) December 20, 19994ChineseThese 16 people urged the Chinese government to grant medical parole to Hada.1, 2, 3, 4

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